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A sample of great posts from our blog:

What is IMS?

What is IMS? What does it stand for? How long has it been around? How would it help me? These are definitely some of the most frequent questions I get when I first suggest it as a treatment option to my patients. Find out more.

How muscle imbalances can cause chronic injuries

Persistent injuries and pain are fairly easy and straightforward to recognize, as they don’t adhere to the healing timelines that I discussed in last week’s article. Recovery from these injuries usually cycles through periods... Find out more.

Can your hip really cause knee pain?

In my last blog post, I explained how one of the common reasons people get off track from their New Year’s resolution is due to injury. I also highlighted that many of these injuries are, in fact, PREVENTABLE! Find out more.

Tight does not equal strong

Does your neck hurt? Does it feel tight too? This is probably the number one injury I see – neck pain caused by muscular tightness. It’s not surprising as there are plenty of different muscles located in your neck. These vary in size from large to small. Find out more.

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South Cowichan Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation

Here at South Cowichan Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation, our vision is to provide the highest quality of professional service possible to the community of the Cowichan Valley. In all aspects of client care, from our reception staff, to injury assessment and treatment, client education, and return to activity, our staff strive to make your visit as thorough and beneficial as possible.

Clients can rest assured that their individual needs are our biggest priority.

Through serving the Cowichan Valley for 15 years, South Cowichan Physiotherapy has built a solid reputation on these traits.

With 5 physiotherapists on staff and 1 massage therapist, and clinical hours from 7am-7pm weekly, we are able to see people on a timely basis. Whether you are suffering from a work-related injury, motor vehicle accident, sports injury, or other musculo-skeletal condition, our university trained physiotherapists are fully trained to diagnose, prescribe, and supervise an effective treatment program for your condition.

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