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How It Works

Orthopedic bracing can assist in the prevention, support and stabilization of upper and lower extremity injuries and conditions during your recovery process and when you return to your regular activities.

doctor adjustable angle knee brace support for leg or knee injurydoctor adjustable angle knee brace support for leg or knee injury

We offer custom knee braces for ligament instability, meniscus injuries and osteoarthritis, as well as pre-fabricated braces for injuries to the low back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, thumb, and ankle.  These braces can be used post-injury or as a prophylactic measure to reduce the likelihood of injury, by supporting the joint during physical activity.  We offer braces/supports from Don Joy and Professional Orthopedic Products (POP) to find the product that suits you.

Our Athletic Therapist, Laurel Calhoun, uses her knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries/conditions and biomechanics, along with information on your condition, activity level and lifestyle goals to recommend appropriate bracing options for your specific needs.


If you have seen Laurel or one of the physiotherapists at our clinic for your injury, then there will be no charge for your initial consultation. Otherwise, the initial consultation will be $70.

At the initial appointment, Laurel will thoroughly assess you, perform the required measurements, and discuss with you which brace may be appropriate and how much it will likely cost. A fifty percent deposit is then required with the remainder to be paid upon receiving the brace.

Many extended health benefit plans will cover at least part of the cost of the brace. As there are a wide variety of insurance plans, we urge you to consult with your insurance provider to determine what amount they will cover. At this time we are unable to directly bill any specific insurance providers.

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